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Creating lush settings and colorful characters full of secrets and magic as the backbone of fantastic tales, P. K. Eden’s world building has been called amazing work that is based on common folk and myth motifs.

For Firebrand (Three races, three swords - one Triad), a dash of the Garden of Eden was added resulting in a story that is a riveting, complex work of good versus evil worthy of the Hobbit series and Harry Potter. (Affaire de Coeur, 5 Stars and a Reviewer’s Pick).

Another called it “an explosive story with such vivid detail that I could picture it all happening as the words leaped off the pages and had me on the edge of my seat.” (Reviewer’s Choice, Two Lips Reviews).

But P. K. Eden’s urban fantasy is not limited to other worlds. In her GRIM PROTECTORS SERIES– The Beginning – The Mirror – you can follow members of the Primogen Council of Seven as they strive to protect the world’s magical artifacts from falling into the wrong hands. With one book set on each of the Seven Continents, P. K. Eden uses a travelogue of detail to make readers as comfortable in Asia as they may be right at home. Get to know each one as the Primogens answer the call to recover such objects as the Magic Mirror, Rapunzel’s Tears and the Nightingale. (This series is currently planned for 2010-2011 release).

P. K. Eden – “Welcome to my world. I hope you enjoy FIREBRAND as much as I enjoyed writing it. Please browse the site and feel free to contact me with any questions or comments. Thank you for stopping by.”

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